Audit and Assurance 

The provision of effective, efficient and independent examinations of a client’s financial statements in accordance with relevant statutory and professional requirements is at the heart of our business at Olayinka Oyebola & Co.

We employ a risk based audit approach in accordance with ISA 315 which requires that we assess the risk of a material misstatement of the financial statement whether caused by fraud or error by gaining an understanding of the entity and its internal control system. 

Tax Consulting

Olayinka Oyebola & Co  tax practice focuses on helping clients find a delicate and enduring balance between minimizing tax costs and the risk of regulatory challenges.

Our tax planning service is forward-looking in that we look into the future to see ways of minimising a client’s future tax liabilities through a careful use of tax avoidance schemes.  Our focus is to help clients keep tax issues from becoming tax problems

Management Consulting

The Firm advises businesses in the areas of corporate governance, process documentation, process improvement, policy formulation, project management services to organisations in Nigeria. Our fundamental objective is to enable clients make the most informed and effective decisions. 

We also collaborate with a number of specialists in the field of actuarial science, quantity survey, engineering, and law to provide top services to our clients as necessary.

Business Valuation

Be it planning an acquisition, resolving a dispute involving joint venture partners or raising funds to expand core capabilities, you will need to understand value better so you can make optimal decisions for your business. This value, however, is not only about numbers.

Our team of integrated Valuation specialists take a holistic view of value by spending time to understand your business’ dynamics, as well as industry and value drivers. We also draw on our extensive experience to apply relevant valuation methodologies, using our deep industry knowledge and innovative bench marking tools.

Due Diligence

When considering a major transaction, such as buying another company, selling off a division of your company, or partnering with a new alliance, it is essential to perform a comprehensive assessment of deal value. 

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, OO&Co integrated due diligence approach can provide in-depth analysis of the financial, commercial, and operational aspects of your deal.

Performance Management

We set up Benchmarking systems for private and public organisations to assist them to continuously evaluate their best practices through internal and external comparisons.

We create a systematic process and template to enhance definition of terms, data acquisition, data management and analysis and the generation of metrics in support of internal and external comparisons. The overall focus is to establish performance gap and take steps to close the gap thereby enhancing general process improvement. 


Contract Compliance

We offer services on procurement/contract review in order to ensure that both procurement of goods, works and services are in line with established policies, procedures and standards.

Payroll Management

Our services under payroll management are aimed at taking the burden of the payroll function off the chest of our clients so that they are able to focus on their core business activity.

Value for Money Review

We carry out Value for Money (VFM) reviews in order to ensure that resources have been applied properly to achieve ECONOMY, EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS.